Situated in Northern Italy's Liguria, Dario Mollo's Damage Inc. Studio lies just outside of the French/Italian border town of Ventimiglia, a stones throw from Menton, Monaco and Monte Carlo and only a short 35min. drive from Nice with its International Airport, if you're looking for location then this must be one of the finest places in the world to record.

But what of the studio itself, originally Mollo's personal project studio it has over the years evolved from humble beginnings to what now can only be described as state of the art excellence.
Having tried many different recording formats, both analogue and digital, Dario has now settled with Steinbergs powerful brand new Nuendo hard disk recording system (fast being known as the Pro Tools Killer) offering unparalleled Audio quality and limitless editing functions, as a front end to this he has recently installed two Tascam TM-D4000 Digital desks linked in cascade to provide a total of 72 input/output channels, keeping the entire recording process in the digital domain from tracking thru' to mixing and mastering, (Yes you can master your work here as well!).
The studio also has a good selection of outboard gear although it has to be said due to the vast amount of plug-ins for Nuendo these are fast becoming redundant.
The playing area comprises of two rooms, a main studio and a drum booth with a superb sounding Sonor drum kit, Dario, of course, also has a selection of amps, speakers and Guitars which can be made available. Since changing from a personal to a commercial studio the client list is growing with every artist or producer returning to book more time, one such client is English producer Kit Woolven a long time friend of Dario's and regular visitor to the studio, when asked why he chooses to record so much of his work here, he says, "I just love this place, everything always works perfectly every time, I always get exactly the sounds and results that I want and nothing is ever to much trouble.
I think one of the bands I produced here summed it up perfectly, after recording their album Judgement, Liverpool based band Anathema said "This was the album that was written in Hell but recorded in Heaven". Try getting better praise than that.